19 February 2014

• #37: Islamorada Journal 2014…19 FEB

Monday night's sunset.

The crew went to the Lorelei for dinner.

Zachary and Caroline had crab legs, but Michael managed to beg a few pieces and thought the crab was pretty good.

This was the crew's last night at Islamorada...we're really going to miss them.

The crew stopped at the Miami Aquarium on their way north where Zachary got to see a really large barracuda.

Tuesday night's sunset.

Wednesday morning a pod of dolphins came right by in front of the boat basin...they grabbed some mangrove snappers from under the dock next door and headed on their way southwest.

Later that morning Wayne and his friend Yves, from Quebec, joined me for a fishing expedition on Shoo-Fly.

We picked up all sorts of fish including a grouper...

...and two salt water catfish. Wayne says the cats are supposed to be good to eat, but they have nasty spines on them which, if they stick you with them, are guaranteed to get infected and be painful.

We zipped past an enormous flock of cormorants that put on a show of getting airborne in response.

We mostly caught jacks...here's Yves with a nice one...but also bluefish, ladyfish, and spotted seatrout.

I had a shark on the line for a few moments before he cut me off.

Jacks, jacks, jacks, jacks, and...


• Meanwhile, in other news...

• “2 Important Tips for Casting in the W-I-N-D”

“…wind is the fly caster's worst enemy. It butchers trajectories, displaces power, creates knots and generally impedes the ability of the angler to translate load in the rod into a well delivered cast.”
Please visit this link to read the full article: HatchMag.com

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