16 February 2014

• #36: Islamorada Journal 2014…17 FEB

Saturday night's sunset.

The Shoo-
Fishing Crew at the Lorelei.

Egbert landed on the patio table in the morning...hoping to talk us out of some shrimp.

The crew went off to Robbie's, a Keys tourist trap where you can puchase a bucket of bait fish and throw the fish to the enormous tarpon that hang out at the Robbie's docks.

These huge tarpon are not caged in...they're just queued up in hopes of having a fish thrown to them by one of the visitors.

Back at the boat basin we loaded the boat and headed for the fishin' grounds.

Saw a pod of dolphins along the way...one played in our wake for a few moments.

Everyone was quickly into jacks and ladyfish.

As you can see from the height of the jump in this photo, ladyfish can be true acrobats.

Capt. Wayne came by to tell us they'd had a large tarpon on for almost two hours...got it alongside the boat 4-5 times and finally released it.

Zachary landed...

...the largest ladyfish of the trip.

Robert's not holding the ladyfish so far away because he's afraid of it but because they have a nasty habit of pooing...so he's keeping the fish over the side of the boat.

Caroline reeling in one of about a dozen fish she caught today.

Michael's got a jumping ladyfish on the line...see it in the right side of the photo.

Members of the Shoo-Fly Fishing Crew relaxing back at the boat basin.

Michael apparently didn't get in enough fishing on the boat, so he headed out on the basin wall just after sunset to try a few casts.

Sunday night's sunset.

• Meanwhile, in other news...

• “Troubling News on Striped Bass”

“…veteran striper anglers are concerned about the health of this important sport species.

”Four out of five reported catching fewer fish in an annual survey conducted by Stripers Forever, a striped bass conservation organization.

”Sixty percent said they were catching smaller fish than they used to.”
Please visit this link to read the full article: FlyFishing.about.com

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