13 February 2014

• #33: Islamorada Journal 2014…14 FEB

Winds out of the northwest gusting to 35 kts meant no fishing on Thursday so the crew piled in the van and headed 30 miles south to the Dolphin Research Center...a really worthwhile place to spend an hour or a day.

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• Meanwhile, in other news...

• Learn the Steps For The Best Presentations In Fly Fishing

“The most important thing to do after a good cast is to remain calm and pay attention to the reaction of the fish. If it spooks, so be it — move on to the next one. If it doesn’t, resist the urge to immediately begin haphazardly stripping your fly.

”You never want to strip for the sake of stripping. Move the fly with purpose.”
Please visit this link to read the full article: SaltWaterSportsman.com

• “Fly Fishing: Is Your Fly Swimming Right Side Up?”

“It’s Not How Pretty Your Finished Streamer Is At The Vise That Matters, But Rather How It’s Going To Swim In The Water?”
Please visit this link to read the full article: GinkAndGasoline.com

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