08 February 2014

• #29: Islamorada Journal 2014…08 FEB

Don't mean to complain, but my right arm is very sore. Problem seems to stem from all the casting and especially pulling in all those bluefish over the past several weeks. Hurts so much I can hardly raise a beer to mouth with the right hand. I'm sure the problem would be significantly alleviated if the arm were exercised in that manner a sufficient number of times...but then the pain would return the next morning...in more ways than one.

The pain is actually going to keep me from fishing for a while. Still able to drive the boat, though, and we have firends and family arriving starting on Sunday, so we'll hope to have fishing reports despite ailing bicep.

More about the soon-to-arrive friends and family in coming posts.

Thursday night's sundown, before...

...and after the sun set.

Thursday night's moon at 52% of full.

Caryl, Bridget, and I went off to the Lorelei for dinner. This truck was in the parking lot with two of the dolphin-holding-mailboxes that people in the Keys seem to love.

Problem is, if they keep moving these boxes around in the back of their pickup, how's USPS gonna find them?

Guess the birds can get a little out of control with the al fresco dining.

Not unusual. Family members who were at our reunion a few years ago will remember the gull taking a hot dog right off one of the kids' plates at the Lobster Shack at Twin Lights...Maine.

Lorelei was filling up with dining customers...

...and the bar was about at capacity.

Just like in the islands, mon.

Friday night's sunset.

Friday night's waxing gibbous moon at 61% of full.

• Meanwhile, in other news...

• “What Do Fertilizer, Omega-3 Pills, and Pig Feed Have in Common? A Fish”

“Millions of pounds of menhaden are fished from the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico by a single company based in Houston, Texas, with a benign-sounding name: Omega Protein.

”The company's profits derive largely from a process called "reduction," which involves cooking, grinding, and chemically separating menhaden's fat from its protein and micronutrients.

”These component parts become chemical inputs in aquaculture, industrial livestock, and vegetable growing. The oil- and protein-rich meal becomes animal feed. The micronutrients become crop fertilizer.”
Please visit this link to read the full article: Gizmodo.com

• Fly Casting Into the Wind

“Tips for casting into headwinds. Quite simply, you should aim right at your target, rather than aiming your forward cast above the water, to let the line and fly settle as the line unrolls….
Please visit this link to read the full article: FloridaSportsman.com

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