06 February 2014

• #28: Islamorada Journal 2014…07 FEB


Wayne and I had decided to look for the elusive permit on Thursday, so first thing we did was to head over to Smuggler's for some of the crabs that those fish love to crunch.

I'd be trying for the permit with a fly [Lefty Kreh says he catches most of his permit on a clouser minnow, so I had one tied on the end of the seven-weight's leader]. But Wayne would be throwing the live bait...in the form of Mr. Crab.

We were on the permit flat [in less than two feet of water] for only about three minutes when Wayne spotted a fish.

We crept up on the feeding permit with the trolling motor. Now within casting distance, Wayne chucked the crab which landed a bit too perfectly close to the fish. Wayne said, "I spooked it." But the fish turned and grabbed the crab.

This photo shows the moment Wayne raised his rod to drive the hook into the permit's rubbery mouth.

The battle was on and it raged for about 25 minutes.

We had to start up Shoo-Fly's 150 hp. Yamaha and chase after the fish as it ran the line in Wayne's reel down to the point where he was going to be running out of braid.

The fish eventually tired and showed itself next to the boat.

It was a big fish.

Wayne wrestled the permit on board...

...and posed for the victory photo.

We refreshed the fish at the side of the boat and then released it back into its liquid habitat.

I didn't get a shot at a permit.

Did put the fly on two sharks, both of which turned on the fly but didn't take.

Did get one very nice jack.

Back at the house we saw this paddleboarder go by right in front of the boat basin.

Wayne suggested that a lot of people who get into this activity probably eventually become bored with boarding.

Pun apparently intended.

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