05 February 2014

• #27: Islamorada Journal 2014…06 FEB

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Tuesday night's sunset.

Waxing crescent moon at 34% of full.

Egbert dropped by for a handout this afternoon. I dug a frozen shrimp out of the freezer and tossed it to him; he grabbed it and spit it out on the deck [I guess egrets can spit]. Didn't like it frozen.

I nuked another shrimp for 15 seconds and that one suited Egbert just fine. He wolfed it down [Egreted it down?]. The first shrimp thawed quickly in the afternoon sun, so he picked that up and made quick work of it.

Apparently, however, Egbert didn't appreciate my treatment of him as he left a rather disdainful deposit on the deck. Guess that was supposed to be my tip.

The greenery around the houses here is outstanding, but all that beauty costs...in plant trimmings and falling leaves...and some of the leaves can be six feet long.

There's so much debris from plantings that the municipality has a weekly pickup of just plant detritis.

Barry was hovering in the boat basin this afternoon...hoping to pounce on some unsuspecting mullet or pilchard.

Wednesday night's sunset, phase 1...

...phase 2...

...and phsse 3.

Moon now at 43% of full.

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