04 February 2014

• #26: Islamorada Journal 2014…04 FEB

A ketch or a yawl?

The second mast must be shorter than the first to qualify as either a ketch or a yawl.

You can tell a sailboat is a ketch and not a yawl, if the mizzen [second] mast is in front of the rudder post [that part of the boat to which the forward part of the rudder is attached].

This boat appears to be a ketch.

Monday night's sunset.

Monday's waxing crescent moon at 23% of full.

Coconuts in a palm tree, reflected in a puddle of morning dew.


This great blue heron was looking elegant while eyeballing breakfsast...

...in the form of a school of small mangrove snappers. Elegant, that is, until...

...he had to scratch his head.

A plant [someday I've gotta figure out what this plant is].

Wayne and I knew conditions weren't exactly ideal for fishing Tuesday afternoon, but he'd just helped me [read: he did it all] replace the trolling motor batteries and we wanted to test them out...so we went off to find fish.

We did find a mud right off and began catching jacks and ladyfish...but we were hoping to find other fish, and the wind was whipping up, so we left those fish to go find the other fish...and get out of the wind.

This is typical vegetation along the edge of an uninhabited key.

The wind kept building, we didn't find other fish in the lee locations we tried, and the clouds in the west were getting a bit rambunctious, so we cut and ran...for the dock.

• Meanwhile, in other news...

• Why Do You Need A Leader [on your fishing line]?

“Leaders can be the difference between a successful fishing trip and one that ends up in the tank. Yes, in saltwater, they are that important.

”But the importance is not so much whether to use one or not (we almost always need one), rather it is what kind of leader to use. Three basic choices are monofilament, fluorocarbon, or steel, or some combination or derivative of these three.”

Source: SaltFishing.About.com

• Idiot In Maine Legislature Proposed Soft-Plastics Lure Ban

“From a scientific point-of-view, overall the report indicated a low rate of soft baits found in the digestive system of fish surveyed between 1985 and 2013, ranging from a low of 0.4 percent to a high of 5.2 percent of fish sampled, depending on the survey method. ”

Source: TheFishingWire.com

• Latest Issue of Connecticut’s Sound Outlook Online

“Connecticut's coastal management program (CMP) has come a long way since it was established on January 1, 1980. While the fundamental tenets of the program--protecting coastal resources and promoting water-dependent uses and public access--have remained constant, each new decade has seen emerging issues that result in an ever-evolving program.

”Emerging issues not envisioned in 1980, such as harbor management, stormwater management, low impact development and green infrastructure, and climate change resiliency and adaptation are now woven into the fabric of Connecticut's CMP.”

Please visit this link to read the full article: CTDEEP

• Bass Pro Opening Store in New Hampshire

“Sales of fishing licenses have been slowly declining in New Hampshire for years, so why is Bass Pro Shops opening a huge store in Southern New Hampshire that is built around a 13,000-gallon tank stocked with 150 native fish?

”For the same reason that New Hampshire puts moose on license plates even though fewer people are hunters….”

Please visit this link to read the full article: NashuaTelegraph.com

• Bass Pro, Cablela’s, LLBean, You Need to Get This in Your Catalogs

“This machine perfectly fillets and de-bones fish with x-rays and water

”Machines that can accurately and efficiently fillet a fish have been used for years to speed up processing plants—though only with farmed fish that are all the same size and weight. Fish caught in the wild usually have to be processed by hand given the variaton in size, but a new machine that employs x-ray vision and precise water jets can finally automate the filleting process….”

Please visit this link to read the full article: Gizmodo.co.uk

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