02 February 2014

• #25: Islamorada Journal 2014…03 FEB

Odds and Ends:

Saturday night's sunset.

The US-1 Bridge over Snake Creek [a river-like stretch between the Atlantic Ocean and Florida Bay] will open on the half-hour for tall boats to pass through.

On weekends, this can tie up traffic significantly.

Not your typical look for a big-box store:

The Bass Pro shop in Islamorada.

Does that top rally go with those shorts?

The deli at Winn-Dixie:

Big enough fork, and management looks away for half an hour, I could do some real damage in there.

Sunday night's sunset...not very spectacular...but then...with the Super Bowl on...who's watching sunsets?

Waxing crescent moon at 14% of full.

• Meanwhile, in other news...

• Did You Know About FADS?

“At their most basic, the rafts, known as fish aggregating devices (FADs), can be simply floating tree logs, shelters under which fish tend to congregate.

"Fishermen have long recognized this behaviour, and have created FADs ranging from wooden rafts with ropes hanging below to steel and foam constructions complete with radio transmitters for signalling their location.

”By some estimates there may be tens of thousands of these devices now deployed. But there is little regulation or monitoring of them.”

Please visit this link to read the full article: Nature.com

• Are Striped Bass Really in Trouble…What Do You Think?

“The Jan. 9-11 Mid-Atlantic Rockfish [striped bass] Shootout is an 11-year old event offering more than $217,000 in prizes for big fish. It has the reputation of being the largest striper tournament in the country.

”The stripers were a no-show. The shootout, organized in 2004 to highlight what the sponsors said was some of the finest striper fishing on the East Coast, was telling a different story:

”Thursday, no fish weighed in. Friday, skunked again. Saturday the tournament ended with no fish being weighed in for all three days!””

Source: StripersForEver.org

• Fly Lines: How to Make A Welded Fly Line Loop

Putting a loop in either end of a fly line can tax even the most patient of anglers.

For those who prefer loop-to-loop connections, however, this video may provide an answer.

See the video: FlyRodReel.com

• “Technological Breakthroughs That Changed Fly Fishing Forever”

“I think the number-one innovation in fairly recent history has to be the coated fly line.

"When Scientific Anglers put a PVC coating around a nylon core in a way that created a durable floating fly-fishing line, it surely changed the sport forever. Imagine using silk lines….”

Source: FieldAndStream.com

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