05 January 2014

• #5: Islamorada Journal 2014…05 JAN [The Rains of Castamere—II]

Two shots Caryl took of Wayne and me bringing the boat into the basin on Friday.

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Sunday morning things were looking pretty good weather-wise. The radar was showing a nasty bit of rain off the the east, but it appeared to be moving north and away from the Keys.

Kayakers were out on the water.

Turkey buzzards were soaring above.

I went out to start cleaning the boat when...

...Egbert dropped in for a quick visit. "Sorry, Eg, no shrimp or small fish for you here today."

I could hear something like a waterfall off in the distance...looked up and there was this ugly, dark cloud coming over us from the southeast. The waterfall got louder and I finally realized I was hearing rain advancing under the cloud and hammering the waters of the Bay. I ran for the house.

Didn't quite get there before it caught me up.

Winds blew and thrashed all the palms and plantings around the house.

And this went on for hours...soaking everything.

Radar tells the story: It was quite a little storm cell...now on its way up the coast to Homestead and Miami.

Wayne called. He had a friend with two sons visiting from Canada; unfortunately, the only days they had availalble to fish were yesterday and today...so they didn't get out on the water this trip.

Looking out as this is being written, I see that the sun has suddenly burst forth.


Maybe I'll be able to get back to cleaning the boat.

In tomorrow's blog: The first fish of the season!

• Meanwhile, in other news...

• Plugs That Look Real…Very Real!
“The big plus with these lures is that you don’t have to fish them fast to draw strikes. With lures that only vaguely resemble baitfish, unless you keep the bait moving rapidly, the fish will sometimes see that it’s bogus.

”That won’t likely happen with the new breed; many of these lures could be fished almost like live bait, and probably will produce almost as well.”
Read the full article at this link: FloridaSportsman.com

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