28 January 2014

• #22: Islamorada Journal 2014…29 JAN

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Monday night's sunset...
...and looking a bit further to the north.
On Tuesday, it being the last forecast day for a while when winds would be light and variable and the sun would shine...each allowing sight fishing for various elusive species...Wayne, Mat, and I set out to seek the wily permit.

Here's what you look for: A fin and/or a tail sticking up an inch or two above the surface of the water [we're fishing in about 3 feet of water, mind you].

Not easy to see. Nevertheless, we did see one, almost the minute we got to the permit-hunting grounds, but the fish ignored the live crabs that Wayne and Mat cast to it.

This is what can happen when a boater doesn't go through a ditch correctly...a prop scar results which can take as long as ten years to heal over.

In this case the boater should have left both of the ditch markers on his left-hand side, instead of "splitting the uprights."

As the permit weren't cooperative, we sought out Mr. Shark...saw a bunch of them.
Osprey clutching something to eat in its claws.
Wayne had a small blue runner on a hook below his bobber [the orange thing in this photo] and one of the sharks gave chase.
But once again there was no hook-up with sharkie...just the evidence that he'd been there [you gotta click on this photo to enlarge it and see what was left of the blue runner].

So we finished off the day by catching a mess of bluefish and ladyfish.

Another great day on the water.

Oh yes, and Wayne put a ladyfish on his bobber rig and chucked it out. We thought that a shark was on it but it turned out to be a pack of ravening bluefish who ate the ladyfish just like eating corn-on-the-cob.

• Meanwhile, in other news...

• Fly Line Connections

“You should never lose a fish because the leader and fly line separated, or lose a fly line to a fish because the backing-to-fly line connection failed.

”Fly fishers should know how to make the proper connections in their tackle. Making these practical connections requires no tool other than a line clipper.”

Photo, and please visit this link to read the full article: FloridaSportsman.com

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