27 January 2014

• #21: Islamorada Journal 2014…28 JAN

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Sunday's sunset.

Again, later.

Congratulations to Ms. Caroline for winning her age group in the New England Archery Championships on Sunday.

Mat's son, Theo, joined us for Monday's trip out on Florida Bay.

Here he takes advice from Grandpa, master fisherman, Wayne.

While the fishing was a bit off on Monday, we saw many critters of interest.

Here's one of a pair of manatee.

But Theo got the biggest fish of the day...a handsome bluefish.

Another critter: a ray with its accompanying school of small jack crevales.

Jacks follow rays because those big ray-wings kick up all sorts of food bits off the bottom.

Everyone was on permit alert. We did see one very large permit. Wayne threw a crab at it and the permit turned on it, but didn't bite.

We also saw a group of tarpon, but didn't get any casts at them.

Charley B was out on the Bay with his Mako skiff...seeking bluefish for his smoker.

Charley was kind enough to put up a couple of videos on YouTube: Here's one of me fighting a bluefish: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyNSyWi-9OU

And another taken from the bow of Shoo-Fly showing our boat running a ditch [a narrow channel through a sandbar]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhYyKhIQnyo

Theo got to catch a bunch of jacks.

There was a pod of dolphin that included several small ones, apparently juveniles.

Here's Theo with a jack.

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