25 January 2014

• #19: Islamorada Journal 2014…26 JAN

Friday night's sunset.

Charley B., Wayne, and I lit out for the bluefish locale as Charley wanted to get some more fish for his smoker.

Of course, Wayne and I were happy to oblige as the bluefish are the hottest item on the fishing menu at this time.

We probably caught over one hundred fish...jacks, as with this nice specimen that Charley's holding, ladyfish, and bluefish all cooperated.

Wayne had also rigged up some of the popper-float lures [we're calling them "bobber-poppers"] and had a lot of success with the bluefish...

...and the ladyfish to the point that his bobber-popper finally fell apart thanks to the toothy critters chewing on it.

Largest blue we caught went seven pounds...a very nice bluefish for Florida Bay.

I spent a lot of time throwing flies. My arm was still tired from our last trip and it got further worn out by trying to back-cast a fly-rod popper with the 7-weight.

So, changed to a chartreuse/white Clouser minnow, an absolute killer on fish up in Long Island Sound.

The fish totally ignored it.

Finally employed an all-white deceiver and that worked quite well.

We put up this mark so we could find the same spot next time we fish.

We caught all the blues Charley could possibly cram in his smoker, and then released the rest.

Here's probably more than 100 years of fishing experience asking, "where the heck did the fish go.?"

We did have to move around a bit to stay on the fish...but were pretty much constantly on them the whole time we were out there.

Just hope the fishing stays this good for when the grandkids get here.

"Goin' to the smoker and we're gonna get smo-o-o-ked."

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