16 January 2014

• #13: Islamorada Journal 2014…16 JAN

We’re in another period of snotty weather here in Islamorada:


"Thursday: Mainly north winds near 20 knots...decreasing to near 15 knots and gusty. Bay waters rough...becoming choppy."

[Right now, 3 p.m., it's gusting to 24 kts. out on the reef.]

"Friday: north winds near 15 knots...decreasing to near 10 knots in
the afternoon. Bay waters a moderate chop...becoming a light chop."

So, if things do calm down Friday, we may be able to get back on the water.

For now, Shoo-Fly lies safely in her berth while the waves bash themselves on the basin wall.

• Meanwhile, in other news...

• We’re In the Deadliest Area in the Keys!

“Not too many people are aware of a place called East Islamorada, but according to the Florida Department of Health, it is the deadliest place in the Keys.

”East Islamorada is what the U.S. Census Bureau calls an area from about mile marker 86 to around mile marker 91 in the four-island village of Islamorada. There are more deaths on average in that area than in any of the other 24 Census tracts in Monroe County....”

Please visit this link to read the full article: MiamiHerald.com

Me: We’re at MM 88!

• Hartford Boat Show

CMTA Hartford Boat Show, January 23-26, Connecticut Convention Center, 100 Columbus Blvd, Hartford, CT.

Full details on the show at this link: Hartford Boat Show

Photo: Uslesscraft

• Radiocarbon Dating Shows Great White Sharks Can Live 70+ Years

“According to a recent study, adult white sharks, also known as great whites, may live far longer than previously thought. The study used radiocarbon dating to determine age estimates for white sharks in the Northwest Atlantic Ocean.

”Previous ageing methods for sharks rely on counting growth rings in vertebrae, which are not always deposited annually.”

Please visit this link to read the full article: NOAA Northeast Fisheries Science Center

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