15 January 2014

• #12: Islamorada Journal 2014…15 JAN

We have a major computer problem here which is going to hamper our postings.

Monday night's sunset.

The early great blue heron catches the minnow.

Click on this photo to see how interesting these clouds are.

Wayne and I were out earlier than usual on Tuesday.

We founds some ladyfish...I got a few on the fly rod.

A local bird resort where our feathered friends come for some R and R.

We found that the bluefish were still in the same location from the weekend.

Fish of the day, however, was this shark which took a ladyfish off Wayne's line only to become hooked itself.

We had to chase the shark with the boat or it would have taken all the line off Wayne's reel.

Finally got the fish alongside the boat...

...but getting it into the boat was another matter (see the photo of the shark's teeth, below).

Nice catch on such light fishing tackle.

Wayne and I are in debate as to what kind of shark it is. He says it's a spinner, I say it's a blacktip.

Either way, you do not want to get your hands near this fish's teeth.

Back at the dock we can see down the shoreline a boat apparently has termites.

No joke. They do the same thing with houses...cover them up completely and then fumigate.

Tuesday night's sunset.

Another view.

• Meanwhile, in other news...

• Bluefish: Love Them, or Hate Them?

“Bluefish – a fish that stirs emotion of some type. Some people love them and actually head out to find and catch them. Some people loathe them and will actually pull their lines in to avoid them.

”And the trend I see is that the farther north you go along the Atlantic coast, the more people tend to love them. Down south, more people tend to loathe them. It’s just my observation….”

Read the full article at this link: SaltFishing.About.com

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