12 January 2014

• #11: Islamorada Journal 2014…13 JAN

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Sunday started out quite nice in the weather department. Got cloudier as the day went on and it was threatening rain out on Florida Bay by the time Wayne and I headed back to the boat basin.

Some dolphins came over to see us as we zipped our way to our intended fishing spot...

...and we were quickly into good-sized jacks and bluefish, just as on the day before.

We fished them almost entirely with surface lures including this "Moss Boss," a lure I'd never seen before, that was an absolute attraction to the fish.

These lures would definitely work on blues and stripers back in Long Island Sound.

I got a bunch of fish on the fly rod...

...using a surface popper which this fish got well down his throat.

Was able to remove the popper with no damage to the fish and return the fish to the water.

These jack crevales are amazingly strong fish. They turn their bodies sideways to the fishing line making it very difficult to pull them in.

They'll run line off the reel as well.

In this photo Wayne's looking down at the bluefish he's just brought alongside the boat and saying, "Will you look at the size of this bluefish?"

Was the biggest blue of the trip, so far.

Note the bright-silver color of the fish...almost looks like a salmon.

Well, they jump like salmon.

Back at the boat basin, this blue-colored jellyfish had gotten tangled up in some of the weeds in shallow water.

Will check today to see if it got free.

• Meanwhile, in other news...

• Connecticut River Tributary Sees Striped Bass Kill in the Hundreds

“Hundreds of striped bass were found dead this week in the Blackhall River, a tributary of the Connecticut River in Old Lyme, in what state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection officials believe was a natural die-off related to the extreme cold.”
Read the full article at this link: NHRegister.com

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