17 December 2013

• More on Stratford Point Artificial Reef

“Scientists with Sacred Heart University…are teaming with staff from the Connecticut Audubon Society to try to create the state's first "living shoreline," where species of fish and birds that once lived in the area return due to a combination of human engineering and biological conditions suitable for inhabiting….

”The area is owned by DuPont and is protected by a conservation easement….

”The new grant money will be used to purchase 40 "reef balls" — essentially large concrete geodesic gumdrops with Swiss-cheese holes — to act as a buffer against tidal changes and waves. Mussel and oyster populations, which were once more common and native to the area, have been decimated….

”That buffer will be installed about 150 feet out into the water across a 3.5-acre section of the intertidal zone, with the roughly 4-foot-tall balls only visible during low tide.”

Read the full article at this link: WRAL.com

Gonna have to watch our props out there!

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