25 November 2013

• “Status and Trends of Coastal Wetlands Loss is Alarming”

“NOAA has co-authored a report with the Fish and Wildlife Service documenting the current status and trends of wetlands loss along the coastal watersheds of the United States. According to the report's findings, from 2004-2009, coastal watersheds lost wetlands at the alarming rate of 80,000 acres per year--a 25 percent increase over the last six year period reported. In the upper reaches of coastal watersheds, stressors associated with development--both residential and infrastructure--were key factors in wetlands loss.

”The loss of these valuable wetlands threatens not only our nation's sustainable fisheries and protected species, but our supply of clean water, and the stability of shorelines in the face of climate change.

”Through the Habitat Blueprint, NOAA Fisheries is working across programs and with partner organizations to address the growing challenge of coastal and marine habitat loss and degradation….”

Read the full article at this link: NOAA http://www.nmfs.noaa.gov/stories/2013/11/11_21_13wetlands_habitat_report.html

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