20 October 2013

• Stratford Mayoral Candidates Mumble Their “Support” for Shakespeare-On-Housatonic

“It is easy for candidates for mayor to say they ‘support Shakespeare’ in Stratford as a general concept, but potential voters may wonder specifically what they are supporting.

”Mayor John Harkins has said that ‘sure’ he supports Shakespeare, ‘but it has to make sense….’

”This approach contrasts with those of the three candidates challenging his re-election. Joe Paul and Ken Bruno suggest that being a strong proponent of reopening the Shakespeare Theatre on Elm Street is the way to start working toward a successful operation, and the details can come later. George Mulligan has ideas of his own.”

Read the full article at this link: StratfordStar.com

This has little to do with fishing, but as we go along the bank of the Housatonic from which the building is clearly seen, my angler guests typically ask "what's going on with the Shakespeare Theatre?"

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