16 October 2013

• “Salmonella Outbreak: 5 Tips for Cooking Chicken Safely”

I know this has nothing to do with fishing, but some fishermen actually have to resort to eating something other than fish...once in a while...and this article contains good information that may keep one of our readers on the water rather than in the bathroom.

”While the current salmonella outbreak may have people concerned about eating chicken, experts point out that raw meat products always carry risk.

"Chicken in general carries risk, whether it's part of this outbreak or not," said Ben Chapman, a food safety specialist and assistant professor of food science at North Carolina State University.

"There's pathogens on raw chicken regardless of where it comes from," he added.

For Example: “Although some people have been taught to wash raw chicken, this practice really promotes cross-contamination, Chapman said. Washing poultry can spread juices around, and sometimes spread bacteria up to three feet away, according to the University of Wisconsin–Madison.”

Read the full article at this link: News.Yahoo.com

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