23 October 2013

• Maryland Reports Chesapeake Spawning Success Increases Over Last Year But Remains Below Average

“The Maryland Department of Natural Resources today announced that the 2013 Striped Bass juvenile index - a measure of Striped Bass spawning success in Chesapeake Bay - is 5.8, a substantial increase over last year's results of 0.9, but below the 60-year average of 11.7.

”The survey is conducted to track the reproductive success of Maryland's State Fish, which is known to be highly variable from year to year.”

Read the full article at this link: DNR.Maryland.gov

See also the related Virginia report we posted on 20 OCT 2013

• Maryland Again: Watermen File Suit Re Bunker Allotments

“The suit seeks to overthrow the menhaden catch limits placed on Maryland’s watermen by DNR.

”The catch limits allot approximately 80 percent of the entire catch among all Atlantic coastal states and Puerto Rico to one company.”

Read the full article at this link: Baltimore.CBS.Local.com

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