16 October 2013

• Is the Gowanus Canal A Sign of Our Future Waterways?

“What Would Happen If You Drank Water From The Gowanus Canal?

”The story of how one of the most polluted waterways in America came to be located in one of the country's most expensive neighborhoods. Also: dysentery, cancer, and arsenic poisoning….

”The Gowanus Canal is a 1.8-mile-long waterway connecting Upper New York Bay (the bay in between Brooklyn, Manhattan, New Jersey, and Staten Island) with the formerly industrial interior of Brooklyn.

"Originally it was fed by the marshland and freshwater springs in Brooklyn and drained into the Atlantic Ocean in Upper New York Bay; the brackish water lent by the mixture of the cool fresh springs and the salty Atlantic made it a perfect home for oysters, which were massive and delicious and pretty much sustained the early residents of New York City….”

Read the full article at this link: Popular Science

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