31 October 2013

• Connecticut, Long Island Sound, Housatonic River Saltwater Fishing Report: 30 OCT 2013

On Wednesday as we caught lots of fish in…wait for it…zero wind conditions. Yes folk, there was no wind out there. We could actually fly fish without risking our ears and rears and we scored a boat-load of striped bass and bluefish.

In the Housatonic River we got a look at Housie…the River’s version of Nessie.

Nope, wait a minute, it’s only a loon. Click on photos to enlarge.

We found a few stripers at the usual locations in the mouth of the River, but decided, as there was no wind, to head for the bluefish grounds. The River was at 55° which is marginal for blues, but the Sound was still a hair over 60°…so we thought we’d find fish.

At our destination the blues were scattered all over the place in small pods.

Practically anywhere you looked there were small splashes…one over there…another there…one right next to the boat. Problem was, if you didn’t drop a lure right on the fish’s head, right after the splash, it was gone.

Turns out they were feeding on tiny baitfish. The photo sort of shows what they looked like, but the thing was partially digested having been ralfed-up by a blue, and it’s hard to see what it is…but it’s small, about 1.5” long.

Still we managed to hook several bluefish including a few on the fly rod…good fun.

We got tired of chasing bluefish pods after a while and decided to go back to the mouth of the River where we found schoolie stripers hungry to grab our flies. Charlie used a chartreuse/white clouser, I had on an all-white deceiver. We could have caught a disgusting number of fish but we had to pack it it after about twenty as I had a doc’s appointment that afternoon.

Another great day on the water.


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