23 October 2013

• Blackfish: Val S. Reports on “Tog” Fishing from A Kayak

“Last week I had 2 trips to my secret Blackfish haven, about 1.5 miles by
kayak from the…beach.

”1st trip on Oct 15: 4 hours, 4 doz. crabs, one barely keeper Tog.

”2nd Oct 19: 1 hour, 1 doz crabs, 10 keepers, 1 near 7 Lb.

”What a difference 4 days make. I found handmade Blackfish jigs at this little hole-in-the-wall bait shop. They always land on the bottom hook up. Also, I picked out the crabs for my 2nd trip by hand, so they were very lively. That led to a hookup ratio close to 90%, whereas on my first trip it was about 5%.

”It's a lot of fun to fight a 7 Lb Tog out of a kayak. He literally tows you around the anchor. Plus, when you bring him to the surface you almost butt heads.

”The biggest one escaped though. He was on top of the other 3 keepers in the Home Depot bucket that I use as fish box. He managed to wriggle out of the bucket and jumped ship, so to speak. I don't begrudge it to him though as I caught his slightly smaller cousin within a minute from his escape.

”Then I caught and released several more keepers.

”A fleet of a dozen 'real' boats that assembled near a popular local reef (rock pile) a quarter mile away got skunked. At least they appeared to be listless, the nets remained in their holders, and there were no usual cheers greeting every new fish. Most of them left while I was having a non-stop action. One came close to me to investigate, but I pretended to be skunked too. So they left.

”I admit to feeling superior, out-fishing a bunch of big boats out a small plastic kayak.

”It was such a perfect trip that I left early, just to avoid getting jaded.”

Photo of resulting blackfish filets also provided by Val.

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