22 October 2013

• Angler Shot to Death in Tackle Theft

“Johnson discovered someone burglarizing his boat. The shooting took place shortly thereafter.

”Authorities are looking for a black male suspect that was captured on security camera footage, reports the paper.”

Read the full article at this link: CBS.News.com

• Tackle-Theft-Murder Suspect Arrested

“Jackson police arrested a teenager in the fatal shooting of bass angler Jimmy Johnson.

”Shaun Brown, 17, is charged with capital murder. Police say he has confessed to the crime.”

Read the full article at this link: ClarionLedger.com

• Safety During Fishing Trips

“The advent of high-dollar electronics has been particularly enticing to the bad guys--with some big-screen sonar/gps units now going for $3,000 new, and some tournament boats equipped with two, three or even four units--and mounted on quick-release brackets--these are an easy target.”

Read the full article at this link: AL.com

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