15 September 2013

• CTDEEP Reports on Spring Fish Runs

“The spring fish runs ended in June with the following highlights:

”A strong run of American shad in the Connecticut River, with 390,000 passed over the Holyoke Dam in Massachusetts.

”A strong run of American shad in the Shetucket River with 3,800 passed at the Greeneville Dam and record numbers passed at the two second dams: 146 at Tunnel (Quinebaug River) and 105 at the Taftville Dam (Shetucket River). Counts are not yet complete for the Occum Dam (third fishway on the Shetucket River) but it is clear that it too passed record numbers of shad and river herring.

”Runs of alewife in New London County were generally strong (Bride Brook counted a record 363,000) but runs elsewhere in the state were mostly disappointing.

”Runs of blueback herring continue to be extremely low.

”The return of adult Atlantic salmon to the Connecticut River totaled 88 fish, almost double the 2012 number. Captured salmon are being held at the Richard Cronin National Salmon Station and will be spawned in the fall. All eggs will be shipped to the Kensington State Fish Hatchery to support the new Legacy Program.”

Source: CTDEEP

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