26 September 2013

• Boating Lunkhead of the Week Award Goes To….

I suppose it’s time I stopped getting angry with impolite boaters. After all, they’re probably just stupid…or at least uneducated as to on-the-water etiquette…and they likely don’t give a darn about anyone but themselves anyway. Yet, it’s hard to stay in control of one’s temper when one experiences what this lunkhead pulled on us.

Wednesday we’re out on Shoo-Fly 3 fishing a school of surface-feeding bluefish. There were two other boats with us, all with motors turned off, casting into the school and catching fish.


Then along comes this boater, trolling, and he motors between our boats right over the school.

That, of course, put the school down and ended the fishing.

I have nothing against trolling. To me it’s about as much fun as counting owl turds, and for those who enjoy it, fine. Have at it. But there’s no need to go busting through feeding fish. Just go around the outside of the school at a reasonable distance! You’ll still get fish…and you won’t ruin the fishing for everyone else.

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