01 August 2013

• Sunscreen: Should We Spray?

“Recently, the FDA warned against wearing spray-on sunscreen near open flames. In five incidents, people wearing the spray-on protection near sources of flame suffered significant burns. Although the specific products linked with these cases were recalled and are no longer on the shelf, many other spray-on sunscreen products may contain flammable ingredients, such as alcohol, and could catch on fire if they are too close to flames.

”…spray-on sunscreen is effective if applied properly. Some people spray it from too far away and only get a mist…The biggest challenge is to know how you actually use enough to cover all the areas of the body.

”Another concern with sprays is toxicity. The FDA is investigating the health risks of accidentally inhaling spray-on sunscreen…recommended using a lotion for areas near the mouth and using spray for hair-bearing areas where it's difficult to apply a cream.”

Read the full article at this link: Yahoo.com

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