02 August 2013

• Fishing’s Looking Up…At Least in Boston

“It was a tough July for striper fishermen. Those heat waves really warmed the ocean up and slowed the fishing right down. And just when it seemed that the bite was picking up, it died out just as quick. But Peanut Bunker, or juvenile menhaden, made a quick appearance in our waters a week ago and along with cooling water temps, sparked the striper fishing back up, as fishermen reported surface feeds all over our waters for a few days.

”And now huge schools, or should I say wolf packs of toothy bluefish have shown up and are chasing bait and bending rods all over the North Shore. So things are looking up. August is usually when we see the fishing light back up, and with cooling water temperatures and plenty of bait around, we're right on schedule.”

Read the full article at this link: ItemLive.com

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