19 July 2013

• Fishermen Say Seals Decimating Fish Populations

“Seals are big business these days on Cape Cod. Tour boats shuttle visitors to watch as the seals sun themselves on Monomoy Island south of Chatham. At the Chatham Fish Pier, they bob their heads out of the water with an almost human-like quality, playfully swim here and there as fishermen unload their catch.

”But the cuteness factor is lost on local fishermen like Nick Muto. He said he now has to compete with seals for fish, and it’s the seals who have a clear advantage.

"’Fishermen feel we’re being blamed for a lot of the decline of the codfish population,’ he said. ‘But in essence, in just the Cape Cod area alone, there’s 14,000 unregulated fishermen - being, the seal population.’”

Read the full article at this link: WGBHNews.com

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