03 June 2013

• Fisherman Dies As Increasingly Aggressive Beavers Attack People in Connecticut

“It was the most serious in a string of beaver attacks on humans in Connecticut, as the rodents have turned increasingly aggressive when confronted by humans after wandering near homes, shops and schools.

”The fisherman, who was initially not named at the request of his family, has now been identified as Clem Choudhry, 37, of Bristol, CT. Choudhry was driving with friends toward Lake Zoar when he spotted the beaver along the side of Route 34 and stopped the car. He wanted a photo with the beaver and as he tried to grab the animal, it bit him several times. One of the bites hit a major artery in the leg, according to Dr. Mena Hadden.

”The man's friends were unable to stop the blood from spouting, and Choudhry was pronounced dead when he arrived at the Dr. Hadden’s Immediate Care Clinic in Shelton.”

Read the full article at this link: Beaver Attacks

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