14 June 2013

• Connecticut River Moves To Westport, CT

The Federal Register of 14 June 2013 contains a notice regarding drawbridge operations, entitled: “Drawbridge Operation Regulations; Connecticut River, Westport, CT.”

We dashed off a quick email to the Coast Guard…who were responsible for the notice…informing them that to the best of our knowledge, the Connecticut River did not flow through Westport, CT.

We quickly received back a nice note thanking us for pointing out the mistake and informing us that the Coast Guard would be certain not to let that error occur in future.
So, presumably, for the time being at least, if those of you fishing near the Saugatuck River notice that it appears considerably wider than it was last time you were out, you’ll know why.

See the notice at this link: Federal Register of 14 June 2013

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