17 May 2013

• CTDEEP Marine Fishing Report – 16 May

Striped Bass fishing continues to be in the spotlight. Tidal rivers and harbors are your best bet for schoolies and keeper-size fish.

Striper spots include the Pawcatuck River, Thames River, Millstone warm water discharge, Niantic River, Connecticut River by Great Island (Wood Lot) to Essex, New Haven Harbor (Sandy Point), Housatonic River, and around the Norwalk Islands.

Bluefish are finally here in LIS! Bluefish spots include the Race, Sluiceway, Plum Gut, Gardiners Bay and along the north shore of Long Island (NY waters), mouth of the Thames and Connecticut Rivers, Millstone warm water discharge, and New Haven Harbor.

Winter Flounder fishing is rated just fair. Flounder spots include the lower Mystic River, Poquonock River at Bluff Point State Park, mouth of the Thames River and the Pine Island area including Baker Cove, Niantic River including the bay, New Haven Harbor, and Norwalk Harbor.

Scup along with Summer Flounder have showed up in LIS! The scup fishing season opened May 1st and the summer flounder season opened on this past Wednesday, May 15th.

Hickory Shad have also made an appearance in the major tidal rivers.

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