01 April 2013

• Rock Formation Bigger Than Milford Green Found Floating in Long Island Sound

”Little-known fact: rocks (some of them, anyway) can float. And a massive one—1.95 square miles, to be specific— is apparently doing just that in Long Island Sound.

”An odd-looking formation discovered at sea was found to be a large mass of volcanic pumice, a type of lava rock that features millions of tiny air bubbles, which allow it to float on water. LT Cyril McCarroll, an Irish officer serving with the U.S. Coast Guard, was in command of the first vessel to make a study of the rock shelf; he told a news site it was ‘the weirdest thing I’ve seen in 28 years at sea.’

“’The lookout reported a shadow on the ocean ahead of us so I ordered the ship’s spotlight to be trained on the area,’ McCarroll said. ‘As far ahead as I could observe was a raft of pumice moving up and down with the swell.’

For more details about the floating rock formation, go to: Pompeii.y.Herculaneum.com

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