01 April 2013

• Great White Takes Striper Off Fisherman’s Line at Mouth of Housatonic River

”Veteran recreational fisherman Al Bacourt got a Jaws-like jolt recently when a great white shark slammed his boat so hard it shuddered, then snatched a striped bass from his fishing line.

"I all happened very quickly," he told our sporting news reporter. "But no doubt in my mind what it was."

“Bacourt said at the time he was fishing for stripers where the Housatonic River joins Long Island Sound between the Connecticut coastal communities of Milford and Stratford.

“He described the shark as 14 feet long, and between 4 and 6 feet in height. He said the shark attacked the striper like a torpedo, missing it the first time but devouring it after striking Bacourt’s 20-foot boat and turning around for another strike.

“Bacourt said it was the first time he's seen a shark in 50 years of fishing.”

Read the entire article at: GreatWhiteTails.com

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