01 April 2013

• Coast Guard Inspectors Help Insure Safety of Shelton/Derby Gold Rush

Shelton, CT – Coast Guard inspectors finished their weekend operations to provide voluntary gold dredge safety examinations in Shelton and Derby on Monday.

Two Coast Guard inspectors, one from Coast Guard Sector Long Island and one from the District offices in Boston, provided the free safety exams as a culmination to their efforts, over the last several months, to increase water safety awareness amongst the more than 80 registered gold dredge operators in Shelton and Derby.

Coast Guard concern for safety came to a height after a dredge diver nearly died in 2012. Since that day, Coast Guard officials have developed and conducted extensive information and outreach efforts with the owners, operators, and community officials of Shelton and Derby.

“A modern day gold rush is underway in Shelton and Derby with a boom in the numbers of Housatonic River gold dredges being operated here,” said Sal Monroe of Shelton Park and Rec. “With the explosion of interest and the resulting numbers of vessels, we are dedicated to ensuring water safety of all mariners in the two towns.”

The free safety exams included identifying and ensuring that all required safety gear such as lifejackets, flares, and fire extinguishers are readily available and in good working order. If an owner or operator was missing any required equipment, they were encouraged to fix the situation and reschedule an exam.

Upon successful completion of the dredge exam, an identification sticker was provided to identify that the vessel had been inspected and had passed the voluntary exam.

For more details about the Housatonic River Gold Rush, go to: HousyGoldRush.com

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