11 March 2013

• Islamorada Journal 2013…11 MAR

Who's been leaving these tracks in the sand?

Click on any pic to enlarge.

It's Iggy, and his temperament is not improving with age...or size...he's about four feet long now...a lot of that is tail.

As a result of Iggy's increasing nastiness, I requested that he move along to some other locale...which he did...at least for the time being.

Pete stopped out on the basin wall to say goodbye.

Sunday's sunset photo #1...

...and sunset #2.


I drove Shoo-Fly back to the marina this morning for routine maintenance and storage until the truck that will give her a ride back north shows up.

Now have to get to the task of packing.


• Meanwhile, in other news...

• Use These Tips to Get That Trophy Fish to Strike After Its First Miss

“Well, don't panic. The fish is still there—just a bit wiser and somewhat wearier. There's a couple tricks, "sleights-of-hand" if you will, that'll coax quite a few of these fish into your boat or onto the bank.”

Source: SaltWaterSportsman.com

• Striped Bass Recipe

“Fish takes longer to roast when it’s sitting on a bed of vegetables, but the tomatoes guarantee that the flaky flesh will not dry out. The dish looks and tastes like summer in New England.”

Source: Boston.com

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