10 March 2013

• Islamorada Journal 2013…10 MAR

Friday night's sunset.

Egbert stopped by this morning to bum some breakfast.

Fortunately I had a partial bag of frozen shrimp left that never got used for bait, so popped them in the microwave [I threw him a frozen one first and he didn't feature that at all].

He downed shrimp to the point where I was sure I hear him burp.

In some places here at the house, when you look up...looks like a jungle.

Flower from the next-pictured plant.

Croton-like plant.

Hibiscus...complete with ants.

Saturday's sunset.

A little after Saturday's sunset.

Shoo-Fly resting comfortably in her berth.

Either Sunday or Monday will be her last day on the water here for this year...then it will be time to prep her for shipment back north...to get ready for striped bass and bluefish.

• Meanwhile, in other news...

• Good News for Connecticut Anglers

It’s a sure sign of spring when Charles Walsh’s fishing column returns to the Connecticut Post.

Read his first column of the year at:

Source: CTPost.com

• “Connecticut's Maritime Industry Makes Pitch for Help To Rebuild”

“Among the best opportunities for market growth or new markets are scrap metal exporting from New Haven, wood pellet exporting from New London, and fresh food imports to New London and New Haven, the report says. New London's scallop and shellfish fleet takes its catch to New Bedford for processing; it might be possible to land that business for New London's port, the report says.”

Source: Courant.com

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