09 March 2013

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Very large group of cormorants with a couple of white pelicans thrown in.

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They didn't feature us getting close to them

Apparently a pelican rest area.

Wayne and I saw hundreds, if not thousands, of crevale jacks at one of the keys whose shore we fished.

Managed to get a couple on the fly rod. You can't see the fish in the water but the bend of the rod tells the story.


The shoreline of one of the keys in Florida Bay's Everglades National Park.

Word comes out this week that the National Park Service will make 131,000 acres of the Bay off limits to motors other than electric trolling motors.

Needless to say this has the guides who make their living taking fishermen into these areas totally whizzed-off as some of the restricted areas may be a mile or more from permitted motoring zones.

The Service will further ban approaching any key within 100 yards other than by paddling, poling, or trolling motor.

Also planned is a mandatory education program for any boaters, including paddlers, who want to use Florida Bay, which appears to some to be another opportunity for the feds to make money off fisherfolk who already pay for boat registrations, fishing licenses, gasoline taxes, etc.

We saw a Sawfish that had to be at least seven feet long.

Back at the dock, Wayne was walking along the basin wall when "whack" he got slapped across the legs. He said at first he thought it was me messing around with him...but he'd walked up on a large iguana that didn't like Wayne getting that close.

Wayne picked up the boat pole and chased the rascal across the yard and into the water on the other side of the basin.

He said it was a good thing he'd had on long trousers as the whip-like tail would really have stung on bare skin.

• Meanwhile, in other news...

• Comet to Be Visible

“The first of two comets heading toward the sun this year made its closest approach to Earth on Tuesday and will be visible in the Northern Hemisphere beginning on Thursday.”

Source: EarthSky.org

• Fisheries Economics of the U.S. Highlights Positive Trends

“Today we released the report Fisheries Economics of the United States 2011. The report provides economic statistics on U.S. commercial and recreational fisheries and marine-related businesses for each coastal state and the nation….

”This report highlights that U.S. commercial and recreational saltwater fishing combined, generated more than $199 billion in sales and supported 1.7 million jobs in the nation's economy in 2011. Both the landings and value climbed in 2011, demonstrating U.S. fisheries are moving in the right direction….

” Recreational fishing generated $70 billion in sales impacts, $20 billion in income impacts, and supported 455,000 jobs in 2011….”

Source: NOAA

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