06 March 2013

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Just in case an individual has more money than he can possibly use, he can purchase a boat with four [count' em, 4] 350 horsepower outboard motors on the stern.

Why anyone would want to do that is beyond me.

Can thumb his nose at all the poor slobs with only three motors, perhaps.

Tuesday's sunset.

Probably not illegal immigrants making their way into the Keys.

Flight of ibis.

We knew it was going to be a difficult day of fishing as water temps were back to 65° and the winds were scheduled to pick up as the day went along.

We decided to use Caroline's free fishing pass so we'd be ensured of having some luck.

It worked! We caught jacks, ladyfish, and:

We probably saw 50 sharks of various types and sizes.

Wayne got this good-sized shark to the side of the boat before it bit through the wire leader.

Nice Spanish mackerel,

Keeper spotted seatrout.

Winds which were blowing at 12 knots at 0700 Wednesday morning built up to 23 knots by 3 pm when we got off the water.

Good day to break out the Hobie catamaran.

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