27 February 2013

Islamorada Journal 2013…26-27 FEB

Tuesday's sunset pic #1

Tuesday's sunset pic...a little later.

Yes, they have tree rats in the Florida Keys.

This one appears to have a peanut in its mouth...must have swiped it from the neighbors.

The various gods [weather, health, etc.] that have conspired to keep us off the water for several days finally relented on Wednesday...

...so Wayne and I put together our weapons of choice...

...and threaded our way out of the boat basin onto Florida Bay.

It was a fish farts day.

That means the water was so flat that if a fish had broken wind, we'd have known about it.

We spotted a permit almost immediately; Wayne threw a live crab at it...good cast...but the permit reacted by heading for deeper water.

We saw no more permit after that despite more than an hour of scouring the mirrored waters.

We saw signs of fish movement. You can see the telltale wrinkles on the water here.

Wayne threw at one such wrinkle which turned out to be a tarpon of major proportions. The lure must have about hit the fish on the head as the tarpon exploded...making a splash about the size you'd expect if someone had dropped a Volkswagen in the water.

Other water movements turned out to be jacks...

...and spotted seatrout...all returned to the water.

We saw several sharks...from small two-footers to maybe eight feet long.

Click on any of these photos to enlarge.

We also saw a pod of dolphins but at a distance not worth attempting a photo.

This shark grabbed my plug and headed for the horizon. Took several minutes to get him to the side of the boat and Wayne risked fingers getting the fish on the boga grip so we could take a photo.

Apparently this is a spinner shark [although the lack of a black tip on the anal fin could indicate that it's a blacktip shark]. Spinners can get to ten feet long, so this is a smallish one...nevertheless, with the teeth on this animal, one could easily loose body parts by coming in contact with its mouth.

Spinners can have lovely coloring, bronze on the back, black tips on fins, white streak down the side and are very similar to blacktip sharks in color and configuration.

The spinner had at least this one remora attached to him.

The little suckerfish fell off the shark into the bottom of the boat. We put him back in the water so he could wander around and find another, bigger fish to hang onto.

Further proof of there being a lot of sharks around.

Wayne hooked a nice seatrout...but when there was a lot of commotion on the end of his line we knew that something was after the hooked fish.

Turned out to be another spinner shark, about the size of the one we caught earlier.

We threw the remains of the trout back in the water for the crabs to feast on.

Nothing goes to waste in the sea.

Meanwhile, in other news...

• Mediterranean Diet Reduces Heart Attack, Stroke In High Risk Groups

“ About 30 percent of heart attacks, strokes and deaths from heart disease can be prevented in people at high risk if they switch to a Mediterranean diet rich in olive oil, nuts, beans, fish, fruits and vegetables, and even drink wine with meals, a large and rigorous new study has found.”

Source: NYTimes.com

Hey! I know it's not about fishing, but if this diet would save one of our readers' lives...!

• Unique Fishing Tourney Targets High-Jumping Asian Carp

“Kentucky will unleash a full-court press against invasive carp during a unique fishing tournament in March.

”The Carp Madness Tournament March 12-13 is believed to be the first of its kind in the country.

”The Carp Madness Tournament will get teams of commercial anglers competing in a contest to corral the growing population of Asian carp in two of the state’s largest and most popular fishing lakes. Five teams that bring back the highest poundage of fish will split $20,000, with the top prize being $10,000.”

Source: KYForward.com

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