24 February 2013

Islamorada Journal 2013…22-24 FEB

Sorry about the lack of posts, but we've had a member of our Islamorada crew suddenly in hospital in Miami; fortunately, all has worked out well and we should be back to normal by Monday...

...about as normal as things ever get, that is.

Happy birthday to Deb who, as you can tell from the warm clothing, is back up north now.

Captain of this ketch was pretty courageous bringing a keel boat of that size into the shallows a few houses to the south.

Must have known the water as the boat went straight into dock without incident.

Saturday evening after sunset.

Meanwhile, in other news...

• January Global Temperatures Ninth Highest On Record

“According to NOAA scientists, the globally-averaged temperature for January 2013 tied with 1995 as the ninth warmest January since record keeping began in 1880. It also marked the 37th consecutive January and 335th consecutive month with a global temperature above the 20th century average.”

Source: NOAA

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