14 February 2013

Islamorada Journal 2013…14 FEB

Still catching up on posting photos from earlier in the week:

We went to Robbie's to see the tarpon.

The fish in this pic are probably 4-5 feet long.

Part of the fun is buying a bucket of pilchards [small bait fish] and then getting the tarpon to take one from your hand.

You have to fend off the pelicans which can be very aggressive...they'll stick their beaks right in your bait can if you let them get close.

Of course, not everything one sees at Robbie's is natural beauty.

They rent kayaks...

...and have the usual junk souvenir shops.

Back at the house the kids went for a swim...

...paddled back through the basin...

...and used the swim platform on the stern of Shoo-Fly to climb out of the water.

Then dinner at the Lorelei.

Sunset on Monday evening.

Meanwhile, in other news...

• Ask Lefty: Knots for Tying Two Lines Together

“Which knot is better? The surgeon's or the blood?”

Source: FlyFishinSalt.com

• “'Game' and 'Sport' Designations May Roil State's [Florida] Saltwater-Fishing Industry”

“Saying it wants to give Florida's huge saltwater-fishing industry a marketing boost, the state agency that sets rules for hooks, bait and seasons will decide Wednesday in Orlando if the popular fish will be labeled according to how they are pursued — as "game," meaning for dinner, or for "sport," meaning as catch-and-release trophies.”

Source: OrlandoSentinel.com

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