13 February 2013

Islamorada Journal 2013…13 FEB

Regular readers will have noticed that we've fallen somewhat behind with our postings. Sorry about that. Have a whole bunch of photos to post and will see what can be done about getting them up on the blog as soon as possible.

Good news is that the ZCM crew made in back to Snow City Connecticut safely on Tuesday. Some planning: They flew down here just before the blizzard hit and flew back just after the highways were finally clear. We will miss them, but they'll have a chance now to enjoy the mountains of snow piled up at the bottom of their street. Maybe we'll get a photo to post here.

Here's the kind of shoveling we've been doing down here.

Mangroves are tenacious.

This one has taken root right in the coral of the boat basin wall...and is hanging on for dear life.

A fly rod

Sunset on Saturday.

Sunday we were off over the seven-mile bridge to spend the day in Key Weird West

There was street art to be seen...

...and things you'd just as soon...

...not see on the street.

[I know one of these days I'm going to get punched in the nose for taking shots like this, but it hasn't happened...yet.]

Here's the gang all queued up at the famous southern-most spot.

Ms. Caroline is standing in front of the John Dewey house.

Anyone who's ever had a course in education would probably recall Mr. Dewey's name.

We visited the Mel Fisher exhibit of the findings from the wreck of the Atocha [Ah-toe-cha] and other ships in the Florida Straits.

Each bar = $130,000.

They took over $200 million in silver...

Each bar = $250,000.

...gold, and artifacts off those wrecks.

Michael and Grampy fed the fish at the aquarium.

Zachary was brought in as part of the act of this street-performer-magician who was a very funny man and quite good at the slight-of-hand as well.

Sunset cruise...probably includes a few rum runners.

Robert helped this street performer get up on that roly-thing; the perf then juggled three nasty looking knives.

And Michael was the star of another juggling act.

You can see the torches flying past on either side of Michael in this pic...the torches weren't lit.

M was such a star that people were applauding him on the street after we left Mallory Square. One car slowed down on the street, the passengers opened the car windows and cheered Michael.

For a brief time there, Michael was quite famous.

Lots of colorful junk souvenirs for sale.

Detect a little sour grapes there?

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