08 February 2013

Islamorada Journal 2013…08 FEB

On Thursday our entire crew boarded Shoo-Fly and headed out onto Florida Bay.

Aunty Deb handled the boat hook on the bow [to ensure we didn't whack the basin wall coral on the way out].

We made the obligatory stop at the iguana condominium a few houses to the north...but there wasn't a lot of activity this day.

Michael landed the first good fish of the day...a keeper Spanish mackerel.

Osprey didn't do too badly in the keeper department either.

Zachary fought a fish on the spinning rod...

...as did Caroline.

Dolphins were up to their usual feeding tricks.

If you click on the pic to enlarge it you may be able to see the desperately fleeing fish among the dolphin splashes.

When photographing the dolphins we are very careful to stay a reasonable distance from them. If they come over to the boat on their own to play in the wake, that's their decision...but we don't approach them ourselves.

This pinfish was the smallest catch of the day.

They are excellent baitfish and sell for as much as $3.00 apiece in the bait shops.

Rebecca fought this large blue runner to a standstill.

They're not great table fish but they fight very hard for their size.

Looks like the gang had a good day.

Robert did the fileting chores at the fish-cleaning station...

...which naturally attracted the local pelicans...first one and then a total of seven by the time he was through.

"Hey Mistuh! Throw me sumpin!"

He got a whole mackerel...minus the filets, of course.

Meanwhile, in other news...

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