07 February 2013

Islamorada Journal 2013…07 FEB

Out on Florida Bay Wednesday morning, Rebecca took this photo of a pelican...which was one of several...

...that were taking advantage of a pod of dolphins...mom and pup here [Deb photo]...

...that were feeding on the small fish you can see flying through the air in this pic [Deb photo].

Click on any pic to see enlargements of the photos in this post.

Rebecca has a fish on...

...as does Deb.

Deb's nice Spanish mackerel was the best fish of the morning.

No wire leader on the lure but luckily she didn't get cut off by that mouthful of teeth.

Then we were off to the airport to await the arrival of Zach, Caroline, Robert, and Michael.

They hadn't spotted us yet.

Kids and Aunty Deb out on the basin wall

Caroline got some much-disputed hammock time.

Michael liked the bent palm trunk.

After sunset the kids fished off the basin and caught mangrove snappers and a bunch of ladyfish for about an hour.

Fun finish to a great day.

Meanwhile, in other news...

• New Issue of This Is Fly

Now available online at:

Source: This Is Fly

• “There'll Be Blood”

“The only safe way to handle a bluefish, if there is such a way, is to grasp them firmly behind the head with a thumb and finger into the recesses of the gills. That way, if the fish struggles violently you can merely release your grip and the fish will fall on the deck or into a fish box.

”That is a strategy that has worked for me time and again up until the aforementioned date and time. That fish was not going to go quietly into the fish box, so as I held it over the cooler and began to release my grip the fish turned and….”

Source: HeraldNews.com

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