06 February 2013

Islamorada Journal 2013…06 FEB

Mourning dove looks as though she's taking a nap.

Must be tough to be a woodpecker and be hung over in the morning.

Spotted sea trout.

A keeper, but returned to the water unharmed.

Every cloud must have a silver lining.

Tuesday's sunset.

Meanwhile, in other news...

• Cold-Weather Tackle Maintenance

“Many of us are shocked as we examine the price of fishing gear that’s appearing in the sporting goods dealer’s stores these days. It used to be that commonly used lures cost just a few bucks and when the paint was worn or the hooks became rusted we just scrapped the entire lure and replaced it with a new one. The high prices we find on many of the new breed of fishing lures makes it look like it’s time to think about simply repairing and maintaining the old lures instead of trashing them.”

Source: Fuquay-VarinaIndependent.com

• Freshwater Bass on the Fly Rod

“Bass are voracious predators and in many cases they feed on the same foods, live in the same types of places (in lakes and rivers), and take the same flies as trout. If you fly fish for trout, you probably have all the equipment (and skills) you need for bass.”

Source: FlyFisherman.com

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