05 February 2013

Islamorada Journal 2013…05 FEB

Keeper mangrove snapper caught off the basin wall...

...and returned to the water safely.

Interesting application of colors.

Click on pic to expand.

Deb and Rebecca arrived on Sunday to find cool weather and wind.

Robert and ZCM arrive on Wednesday at which point the weather should have settled down to warmth and gentle breezes.

Here Deb takes a photo of Dad and Rebecca.

Monday evening's sunset.

Meanwhile, in other news...

• “Crippling 'Reality' Arrives for New England Fishermen”

“The groundfishing industry gets no U.S. disaster relief as it awaits a 'devastating' reduction in catch limits.

”The few fishermen who still ply New England's waters for cod, haddock and other groundfish are bracing for a double dose of bad news this week.

”The first arrived Monday when, as anticipated, the U.S. Senate approved a $60 billion Hurricane Sandy disaster relief bill that contained no federal aid for the northeastern groundfishery or several other fisheries that face "economic disasters."

”The second wave could arrive Wednesday or Thursday if federal regulators, as expected, slash already reduced catch limits by another 70 percent to 80 percent to protect fish populations that scientists now say are much smaller than previously thought.”

Source: PressHerald.com

• “Are You Eating What You Think You’re Eating?”

“Steve Palumbi’s molecular forensics exposes the seedy side of seafood.

”Steve Palumbi has a few rules when it comes to sushi. If something is labeled tuna, then it probably is, but stay away from the salmon, because it probably isn’t. More likely, it’s steelhead trout—a close relative of salmon, both of which start life in freshwater, migrate to the sea, and return to their natal stream to breed and die. But still: a trout.”

Source: Slate.com

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