04 February 2013

Islamorada Journal 2013…03-04 FEB

Sheriff is checking to see if this boater has the proper license endorsement to be setting crab pots [traps].

Hopefully this fellow is keeping the area free from mice and scorpions.

He's supposed to be a reasonably safe guy to be around but I wouldn't want to go yanking on his tail.

Paddleboarder fighting the wind.

Saturday night's sunset.

Deb and Becky arrived here on Sunday evening after a good, nonstop flight down and then dealing with the road construction around Ft. Lauderdale airport.

We were disappointed on Monday that the wind continues to make life difficult for boating, but it looks as though those conditions are about to end. Forecast for Tuesday is for 70s and light winds and that's supposed to continue through the end of the week...so we hope to hit the water in search of fish [and dolphins] tomorrow.

Meanwhile, in other news...

Shoo-Fly Rated # 11 of the Top 50 Sport Fishing Boats of All Time

“#11: 22 Pathfinder: Although bay boats existed long before the 1998 debut of the 22 Pathfinder, the unprecedented success of this model redefined the genre and created an entirely new generation of anglers who saw the versatility of the bay boat design as a one-size-does-everything concept, and embraced it in staggering numbers.

”Bay boats became the SUVs of the water, and the 22 Pathfinder deserves much of the credit for launching that ongoing trend.”

Source: SaltWaterSportsman.com

• Whale Barf Means Dollars

“Just because something's gross doesn't mean it isn't valuable.

”Case in point: Whale vomit.

”A man taking his dog for a walk on the beach came across a pile of (maybe! hopefully!) whale regurgitation.

”Now he could stand to make more than $50,000 from the find.”

Source: Yahoo.com

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