24 January 2013

Islamorada Journal 2013…24 JAN

Tuesday night's sunset was a bit of a fizzle.

Click on any photo to see a series of enlargements of the pix in this post.

Tuesday night's moon.

Bismarck palm [I think].

Wacky ducks raid around the docks looking for minnows. They cruise along with their heads underwater and then...

...chase after the minnows.

You can see the fish trying to get out of the way of the duck on the left.

Subsequent note from high school classmate Tom P. suggests that these birds are red-breasted mergansers in winter plumage.


Wednesday night's sunset looked very different at its various stages...as you can see in this series of three photos.

Closing in on the full moon.

Meanwhile, in other news...

• Dam Bypasses Not Allowing Fish to Migrate, Breed in New England

“Despite designs intended to allow migratory fish to pass, hydropower dams on major Northeast U.S. waterways are not helping fish, researchers say.”

Source: UPI.com

• “War of 1812 Update: Connecticut's Long Island Sound War”

“…the heavy American frigate United States, under the command of dashing naval hero Stephen Decatur, captured the British frigate Macedonian in the open Atlantic Ocean on October 25. After repairing his damaged prize, Decatur brought the two ships safely back to Long Island Sound on December 4.”

Source: Sound Outlook

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