19 January 2013

Islamorada Journal 2013…18-19 JAN

Thursday's sunset.

Click on any photo to see a series of enlargements of the photos in this post.

This is obviously the vehicle of an ancient alien arriving a few millenia late having missed a turn at Rigel in Orion.

Thursday's moon hasn't quite made it to "half" status.

On Friday Wayne and I made a trip north to deal with some bureaucratic claptrap, fix the headlight on the C300, and visit the BassPro shop in Miami.

This shows one of the canals that crisscross southern Florida...many of which are good fisheries.

This is the bridge that goes from the end of the "stretch" [the road that connects Florida mainland with the Keys] to Key Largo which is the first island one lands on when traveling to the Keys by auto.

Friday night's sunset.

And Friday night's moon...now having become a journeyman half-moon.

On Saturday, winds, health, and other distractions finally relented to the point where Wayne and I could get out on the water for a few hours.

As you can see, it was a "fish burp" day. For a short period of time it was so flat out there that if a fish were to burp, it'd show up on the surface.

Fish-burp days are ideal for searching for gamefish such as permit.

We didn't see a single one...possibly because an onslaught of colder weather had dropped the water temps out of the permits' comfort zone.

But we did see this one fin showing on the surface. Not a permit, but possibly a tarpon.

We chased it and threw a live crab at it several times...but no go. Fish had our number.

We caught some of the usual fish by default...mostly jacks...plus this one blue runner.

All put back to swim another day.

We also saw dolphin doing that amazing feeding trick where they surround a school of fish with a ring of mud kicked up from the bottom.* Then, having the fish ringed in iwth the mud, the dolphin close in for a feast.

We could see the baitfish leaping from the water to escape the waiting jaws.

Some did...some didn't. Too far away for a photo.

*You have to remember that we're in shallow water all the time in Florida Bay...seven feet is deep...we regularly look for fish in less than three feet of water.

Saturday's sunset.

Saturday's moon has now reached the state of "waxing gibbous."

Meanwhile, in other news...

• Fish Poo Helps Spread Vital Seagrass

“Seeds from eelgrass, a type of marine grass found around the world, can survive and germinate after being eaten by three types of fish, one turtle and one type of bird…

”It's hard to understate the importance of eelgrass and other seagrasses, which globally can store up to twice as much carbon as the world's temperate and tropical forests….”

Source: MSNBC.msn.com

• 21 Invasive Pythons Killed So Far In Florida Contest

“The man known as "Alligator Ron" has a lifetime of experience in the Florida Everglades, a fleet of airboats at his disposal and knows the habitats of furry prey for large reptiles. He still couldn't lead a pack of hunters to a single Burmese python....”

Source: WashingtonPost.com

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